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No, we won’t teach you how to fly planes...we’ll just teach you how to fly!

Everybody has to start somewhere. The good thing is we can satisfy your need for paragliding no matter what your level of interest. If you’re just in the mood for a little taste of the skies, try our morning or evening tandem flights, where you don’t have to any of the work...just enjoy the ride. Curious if you want to become a pilot? Try an introductory lesson. Or if you need private instruction we offer full-day and half-day lessons, perfect for flyers who need to brush up on some aspect of their technique. If you’re starting from scratch, we’ve got an intro package, or an express package if you’re someone with experience but aren’t yet certified. Finally, if you know you’re ready to take the plunge, we’ve got great packages of all the gear you’ll need, with or without instruction. No matter what you need, we’ve got an option for you!

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