ParaDreamin' Bracelet

Custom made from paraglider line.  Our repairs tech get bored sometimes and come up with great ideas.  This is one that has become very popular among Paragliders world wide.  We sew these in house and let you choose the colors.  If you have a line color you want that is not listed please call us and we can see if we have any line at that time in your color. 

All bracelets come with a mini mallion as the connector.


Measure your wrist for your correct size.


You can choose 2 colors for your bracelet and also choose between black or white thread stitching.

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so flipping COOOL!!!!!

jeremy conrad on 16th Jun 2015

Justin is so talented I feel really lucky to have the wallet in my pocket and the bracelet on my arm it gets me through the days when it's either blowing down or I might have to work :-)